Knights choir invite for Fr. Ray's Anniversary Mass

May 24, 2019 11:58 AM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)


Everyone is invited to join the Knights choir to sing at Fr. Ray's 40th Jubilee mass as a priest on June 15th at the 5:30pm mass at St. Joan. This is a milestone event for Fr. Ray whom we are very fortunate to have as our pastor. He has expressed his wish for all the choirs in our parish to sing at his special mass celebration. No previous choir experience is necessary. There will be 5 practice opportunities between now and the date of the event on June 15th. See schedule below. Our choir director Janet is asking that those planning to sing attend at least 3 practice sessions. The regular choirs have a chronic dearth of male singers and, by way of disclosure, I won't be attending due to a prior family reunion weekend that was scheduled almost a year ago and falls on the same weekend as the Anniversary mass. Anyhow, choir practice is held at 7pm either in the church or in classroom 1 depending on availability. Thanks in advance for your support. Let me know if you have any questions.

We have total of FIVE rehearsal opportunities remaining in which to prepare music for this day:

Wednesday, May 29 – 7:00pm

Thursday, May 30 – 7:00pm

Wednesday, June 5 – 7:00pm

Thursday, June 6 – 7:00pm

Wednesday,June 12 – 7:00pm FINAL REHEARSAL - everyone who wishes to sing must be at this rehearsal so we can assign seating.

God bless, Vic

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