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  • July 26, 2019 12:34 PM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)


    St. Vincent De Paul is having a “Bundle Weekend” August 10/11. They will be outside the church to collect clothes, household items, shoes and linens and other items. See attached flyer for details.

    This is a great opportunity to clear out your closets for those in need!

    If you wish to bring items ahead of time you can bring them to our Aug 6 meeting for storage until the weekend when they will be given to SVdP.

  • July 24, 2019 9:05 PM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)


    On a warm (92 degrees) and beautiful day, we held the 14th renewal of our Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

    Thank you to all who helped make this another successful event. A tremendous amount of work goes on behind the scenes to host this type of event. 

    We had 94 golfers in the field this year. We served 110 lunches and 150 dinners. We had three beer holes and eight ice chests spread out throughout the course. We also served two huge vats of strawberry and chocolate ice cream.  We had 12 great raffle prizes, two live auction items and a special Fund-A-Need fundraiser ("Fund a (K)night At the Free Medical Clinic). 

    Most importantly, we combined the three core tenets of the Knights, "Charity, Unity and Fraternity". The sense of community at the dinner was palpable to all. 

    We will recap the event and pro forma financial results in our August 6 Council meeting.  We will also recognize the individuals who helped make this successful.

    The 15th renewal of our Annual Charity Golf Tournament will be held on Monday, July 20, 2020. Mark it on your calendar.

    Thank you!

    Vivat Jesus,

    Michael Fernandez, PGK


  • July 24, 2019 8:57 PM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)

    St. Joan of Arc Knights of Columbus hosts 14th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

    Proceeds to be donated to St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County, St. Mary’s Center of Oakland and Boys and Girls Clubs of Contra Costa.

    San Ramon, California – July 23, 2019 -

    San Ramon, Calif., July 22, 2019 - The St. Joan of Arc Council of the Knights of Columbus held its14th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on Monday, July 22 at the Crow Canyon Country Club. It was a picture-perfect day for golf. With a field of 100 golfers, each with varying degrees of skill, a great time was had by all. This year’s beneficiaries included St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County, St. Mary’s Center of Oakland and Boys & Girls Clubs of Contra Costa. Throughout the past 13 years the Council’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament has raised over $300,000 and has directly impacted the lives of many individuals.

    The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal organization devoted to works of charity.  They raise funds through various community events and donate the net proceeds to worthy causes. On a more local level, the St. Joan of Arc Council of the Knights of Columbus has been actively involved in San Ramon Valley communities since 1986.

    For additional information contact: Grand Knight Mike Harkleroad at mharkleroad1961@gmail.com

  • July 24, 2019 8:49 PM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)

    Knights of Columbus

    District Deputy #43

    Newsletter Input for August 2019

    Hello Brothers.  I am happy to report that our district is off to a great start in this Columbian year.  All required reports were submitted on time.  All necessary training for officers and directors was completed.  All councils had great first business meetings (often a challenge for new GKs). We formed new degree teams.  We recruited five new Knights.  We got a great, new Field Agent who lives in our district.  And every council successfully completed at least one significant event.  These things are a testament to the strong leadership and solid preparations in each council.  Well done to all!

    I’d like to draw your attention now to the crisis facing our Church.  The scandals have hurt us immeasurably.  Our clergy is struggling with a deep loss of credibility that will probably exist for generations.  Meanwhile, Catholics are leaving the Church in droves.  Most kids decide to leave by the time they are 13 years of age.  We, the laity, must step up to the challenge of stopping this outflow and restoring public confidence in the Catholic Faith.  The very existence of our Church depends upon our efforts at this critical time.

    If you are looking for a cause to support with your whole heart and soul, I suggest that you need not look any further.  Wrap your head around this crisis and dedicate your sincere efforts to showing your parish, your community, and our country what it really means to be Catholic.  Refuse to be tarred by the brush of scandal. Rather, get out there and live your faith through actions of service to God, His Church, and His people.  In time, others will take notice and once again view our Church with the dignity and respect it deserves.  But know this will be a long haul that extends through the rest of our natural lives and beyond.

    There is no Catholic organization better prepared to help our Church in these dark days than the Knights of Columbus.  Our Faith in Action Programs structure is ideally positioned to do exactly what is needed.  Every one of you should embrace these programs and evangelize your faith through them.  If you set the example of active Catholicity and show Christ’s love in what you are doing, it will rub off on others and entice them to do the same.  Then it will be a simple matter to invite your friends, families, coworkers, neighbors, and strangers to join your efforts.  Strong membership growth is a perfect indicator that you are encouraging men to live their faith in serving our Church. 

    I ask you all to accept the dire nature of this crisis, embrace the need to evangelize our faith through action, show the world what it means to be Catholic, and invite all Catholic men and their families to do the same.

    Vivat Jesus!

    Tom McCaffrey, CFA

    Captain, USN(Ret)

  • July 17, 2019 10:23 AM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)

    The Golf Tournament is finally upon us! Here are the raffle prizes for the 14th Annual Knights of Columbus Golf Tournament! Raffle tickets are available at the tournament or online.

  • July 17, 2019 10:18 AM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)

    This episode of Catholic Answers is extremely insightful for those of us that are struggling with Catholic moral teachings. Trent Horn does a fantastic job of presenting the church's view on issues in a very well thought out manner. Enjoy!

  • July 15, 2019 9:55 AM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)

    On July 13th, 2019, our Worthy Field Agent Paul Morassutti hosted a financial planning seminar at Saint Joan of Arc Parish. This event is hopefully one of many of its kind and had a fantastic turnout. There were undoubtedly many lessons learned by all who attended. Thank you so much to all our speakers!

  • July 06, 2019 7:30 PM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)

    L-R:  Trustees Ron Susa, Nick Bellino, Ruben Pola, Advocate Vince Cavalieri, Recorder Don Bierman, Treasurer Richard Sweeney, Guards John Kushik and Mike Filosa, Warden Dave Maco, Chancellor Chris Philips, Grand Knight Mike Harkleroad

    The San Ramon Knights of Columbus and their families enjoyed a fun filled dinner and officer installation ceremony on Tuesday July 2, 2019. Filling the St. Joan of Arc Parish hall with well over fifty Knights and family members, the Knights appointed a new team of officers in a formal ceremony conducted by the Tri Valley District Deputy Tom McCaffrey, himself a Past Grand Knight of the Livermore Council.

    District Deputy Tom McCaffrey congratulated the outgoing officers and council members for an excellent year of supporting local charities through fundraising and hands on support.

    The newly installed officers for the coming year are:

    Grand Knight: Mike Harkleroad

    Deputy Grand Knight: Roberto Piccione

    Chaplain: Fr. Ray Sacca

    Chancellor: Chris Phillips

    Financial Secretary: Vern Howard

    Treasurer: Richard Sweeney

    Warden: Dave Maco

    Recorder: Don Bierman

    Advocate: Vince Cavalieri

    Guards: John Kushik and Mike Filosa

    Trustees: Ruben Pola, Nick Bellino and Ron Susa

    The memorable evening concluded with remarks from new Grand Knight Mike Harkleroad who spoke of his goals to increase membership and advancement within the Knights. District Deputy Tom McCaffrey also spoke emphasizing the challenges of the year ahead and urged his brother Knights to continue evangelizing their faith through continued works of charitable service for the church and community.

  • July 03, 2019 2:12 PM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)

    Hi Brothers,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work this year at the Art and Wind Festival. It was certainly a rush but you all handled it well! As a result of your hard work, our council raised a total of $6233! Many thanks to Drew Kocir for putting on this event and his great contribution to the council!

  • May 24, 2019 12:02 PM | Dominick Yeo (Administrator)

    Dear Brother Knights,

    We are in DESPERATE need of help Monday afternoon at our kettle corn booths atthe Art and Wind Festival.Only 3 names are on the list, we need at least 3-4 more to be have a minimum staff level.

    Please consider donating just a few hours of your time to this important event that provides the funding for many of our minor charity programs we support.


    Thank you,

    Br. Drew Kocir

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